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Use cases

Artificial intelligence has already become an effective tool, which makes every business benefit from it.

Visitor statistics

Monitor and analyze how many people visit your public place of interest, what transportation they use and what objects they bring with them, and more.

Visual applications

Integrate this Background Removal algorithm into your image processing application to allow your users to easily edit or modify images, make fun collages and more.

Car dealerships

Use this algorithm to quickly strip the car images of background and add natural shadow effects, then just apply any background of your choice — and your car ad placement is ready to go.

Production automation

Detect, count and analyze items in your production pipeline to automate quality inspection, counting and sorting of various kinds of objects on the product belt.

For Enterprises

For Enterprises
Extract information from your data of any amount, reduce your expenses and automate your business with reliable AI solutions.

For Startups

Get MVP earlier and grow fast with state-of-the-art AI solutions.

For Developers

Power up your projects with ready-to-use APIs by just a few lines of code.

API Gallery

We provide API for many domains and industries. Here are just a few of them.

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