API для создания изображений

Быстрое создание изображений с высокой точностью


Background Removal API offers advanced image analysis for foreground segmentation and effortless background removal. It integrates seamlessly into your systems with just a few lines of code.

Remove Background

Our AI-driven algorithms swiftly detect and accurately separate foreground edges from the background. Subsequently, they meticulously remove the background, ensuring the pictures are cut without visible artifacts.

Change Background

After processing, our advanced solution can effortlessly and quickly return an image with a transparent background or seamlessly replace the background with any specific picture provided by the user.

Automate Processes

It enhances image processing efficiency and delivers outstanding results effortlessly by seamlessly integrating the automatic background removal solution into your applications, websites, software, or company workflows.


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Image Background Removal is crafted from elite machine learning techniques, rigorous testing, and smooth integration, offering unmatched precision and efficiency.

Off-the-shelf solution

The Background Removal API offers a plug-and-play solution, meticulously crafted and rigorously tested to ensure top performance.

Cloud service

This fully cloud-based solution guarantees high reliability and uptime, ensuring consistent performance for critical tasks.

High demand

Remove BG is essential for numerous web-based businesses, including online shops, auto dealerships, marketing firms, fashion and design platforms, and more.

Robust algorithm

Designed to withstand variations in lighting conditions, rotation, and distortions, ensuring robust performance and accuracy in diverse environments.


Background Removal API is available by subscription model at RapidAPI platform.

Basic $0.00 / mo

Credits: 25 / month
Hard Limit

Pro $69.99 / mo

Credits: 50,000 / month
+ $0.0014 each other

Ultra $569.99 / mo

Credits: 500,000 / month
+ $0.0011 each other

Use cases

In addition to image processing applications, Background Removal is frequently necessary for image analysis and research across various domains. From social statistics to medical studies and machine learning endeavors, Background Removal serves as a valuable tool for achieving diverse objectives.

Visual applications

Integrate this Background Removal algorithm into your image processing application to allow your users to easily edit or modify images, make fun collages and more.

Scientific research

Segment out the most pivotal parts of your research in images to get faster and clearer results for your study with the Background Removal service.

Machine learning

Being an ML solution, the Background Removal is quite often required for image preprocessing, allowing to segment out the object for inference.


Unlock tailored solutions with Background Removal API, designed to align with your specific needs. Our process initiates with an in-depth initial consultation to grasp your unique requirements, leading to the crafting of a bespoke proposal for you.

We offer transparent and fair pricing, typically involving a one-time setup fee that reflects the intricacy of your customized requirements, alongside a personalized subscription cost for our Background Removal API.

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